Meet Martin - 26

This is Martin.

Built in 1992, Martin used to live an underwhelming and unfulfilling life in Coventry. That was before he was snapped up by two ambitious young adventurers in the Winter of 2017, with whom he is set to undertake a journey of colossal proportions. 

A trusty Nissan Micra K10, Martin's 26 years of life has pushed him into the 'modern classic' bracket of the classic car community, of which he's very proud. Martin's commendable 988cc persona is set to carry the team through thick and thin, all 10,000 miles from Prague to eastern Russia. A dusty ride.

Meet Archie - 18

This is Archie.

Partial to several Martinis, Archie adamantly considers himself the 'cockpit captain', very much to the team's dismay. The seasoned traveller of the 3, and being the more reasonable of the crew, Archie is in charge of route-planning, general logistics, and team sustenance.

Passionate about classic cars, Archie was responsible for exhausting every classic car website in Google's inventory to find a steed worthy of the rally.

Martin thinks he nailed it.

Meet Ned - 19

This is Ned.

Partial to the odd Martini, Ned is an avid skier by day and a budding DJ by night. Entrusted by the team to provide 7 weeks worth of quality soundtracks to accompany the unwittingly natural bass of Martin's motor, Ned's role is undeniably crucial. 

A fanatical car enthusiast, Ned has battled through his mechanical deficiency to help nurse Martin back to full health at his London home, where they both remain primed for the rally launch in July.

In all seriousness, as a team we are hugely enthusiastic about classic cars - and that's exactly why we can't wait to visit the Ural Ataman Classic Car Museum in Istanbul, en rally route. We always wanted to take a classic car on the rally, but the appreciating nature of such a commodity made this extremely difficult bearing in mind the rally rules which encourage minimal spending on rally vehicles. We are however extremely happy with Martin, who was built in 1992 and is indeed therefore a 'modern classic', and an absolute steal at £450, we like to think.  

Despite the fact we are a youthful team, with our combined age putting us in the youngest few percent of teams ever, we know that we make up for with enthusiasm what we lack in experience. In doing the rally, we hope we can promote the expansive and prospering classic car community, especially to the younger generations like ourselves, who will one day be tasked with sustaining its existence.

Regardless of our individual efforts, our trip wouldn't be possible without the involvement of our incredible Partners and Sponsors, all of whom we are extremely grateful to.

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