Our planned route, scheduled to last around 7 weeks, takes us through 17 different countries and 3 deserts over 2 continents.

Covering 10,000 miles, our route will lead us through the following countries:

  1. England

  2. Belgium

  3. Germany

  4. Czech Republic

  5. Austria

  6. Hungary

  7. Romania

  8. Bulgaria

  9. Turkey

  10. Iran

  11. Turkmenistan

  12. Uzbekistan

  13. Tajikistan

  14. Kyrgzstan

  15. Kazakhstan

  16. Russia

  17. Mongolia​

Although the route may feasibly be subject to spontaneous change, you can view our exact planned route on the interactive map above. When the rally starts on July 15th, you will also be able to join us for the ride and track our progress, courtesy of our Garmin InReach tracker. Please use the link below to do so.

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