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Hagerty Classic Car Insurance are the largest specialist classic car insurers in the UK. The team are exclusively classic car enthusiasts, and the vast majority classic car owners too. Hagerty, offering classic car and classic motorbike insurance only, are able to provide extremely competitive premiums whilst incorporating all the essential policy features such as 'Agreed Value', UK breakdown and recovery assistance, and European tour cover to name but a few. Hagerty also runs the annual 'Festival of the Unexceptional', celebrating the most over-looked and ordinary, yet increasingly rare vehicles of the 70's, 80's and early 90's, and the vast extent of nostalgia that accompanies them. This year, the event is being held at Stowe School, Buckinghamshire on the 14th July, where Team Dusty Martini will be exhibiting. We thank Hagerty for their continued support of our team, and for providing our car insurance along the way. www.hagertyinsurance.co.uk

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The Budding Entrepreneur Club is a prospering community for aspiring entrepreneurs, making the life of a budding businessperson simple. Visit www.tbeclub.com for more information.
Kidston, since 2006, continues to be a leading advisory firm tending predominantly to the classic car market and its collectors. Offering expert advice, a private sales service and bespoke insurance packages, Kidston comprehensively provide a classic car enthusiast with anything and everything they may need. Visit www.kidston.com for more information.

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